Garden sheds

Here are a collection of our garden sheds for sale

Garden sheds in Liverpool are a great solution to your storage problems. Whether you don’t have enough cupboard space in your home, your garden is cluttered with tools or kids’ toys, or you really want to get your car into the garage, a garden shed in Merseyside is the answer you’re looking for. all sheds are roof dimensions,we are now metric floors are approximately 3″ shorter windows are 18″ x 24″. ( if we erect your building please have a solid base ready (service available)We provide high quality garden sheds in Liverpool in a variety of sizes, styles and cladding, so you can choose a garden shed to suit your garden perfectly. Our garden sheds are available in two shapes; apex garden sheds, which come to a point in the middle; and pent garden sheds, which have a roof that slopes from one high side to the other lower side.

On this page you will find more details, including sizes, price and roof types, of the garden sheds we have available at No 1 Discount Sheds in Liverpool.